About Us

At Choice Tax Services, we have built a tradition of personalized services with practical knowledgeable staff since 1991. Choice Tax Services maintains a diverse clientele of small businesses and individuals not-for-profit organizations and various service-oriented businesses all across the United States.

Our goals are to provide quality service to our clients and to help them cope with the constantly changing business environment. We commit ourselves to provide taxpayers with exceptional service and solutions as we adhere to the Tax Laws. Choice Tax Services utilize the latest software to offer practical solutions to minimize your tax liabilities and maximize your federal tax refund. With knowledgeable staff and years of experience in the Tax industry we simply guarantee with confidence your peace of mind. At Choice, we believe when it comes to choosing a Tax preparer the Choice is yours. So, make that choice today and make Choice Tax Services your personalized tax preparation partner. We provide dedicated tax consulting and tax preparation for individual and small business. Our office is open and ready to serve you.


“As your tax prepare, we collect information provided by you when preparing your taxes. This information can come from your tax organizer, worksheets, documents and discussions. We are required to keep this information confidential and to not disclose it to third parties unless we have your approval or are required to by law. We are committed to the safe-keeping of your confidential information, and we maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information.”